If you have not registered, please do so as we are planning food requirements for Saturday lunch, dinner and a light Sunday lunch. See the updated list below for those registered so far. Look for an email if you are registered that will go out by tomorrow, Monday, April 18.

1. Calvin Rhodes
2. Melissa Rhodes
3. James Rhodes
4. Belinda Rhodes
5. Steve Bass
6. Sara Day
7. Amy Warren
8. Frank Warren
9. Keith Eisele
10. Darlene Eisele
11. Angela Frazier
12. Heather Johnson
13. James Frazier
14. Sonja Sedberry
15. Mark Sedberry

16. Marti Bacon
17. Greg Bacon
18. Michael Bacon
19. Kathryn Bacon


    It has been too long since the extended family got together to have some fun and simply catch up. In years past, our...

    Posted by Calvin & Berta Rhodes Family Reunion on Saturday, October 24, 2015


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