Who is coming ...
1. Calvin Rhodes
2. Melissa Rhodes
3. James Louis Rhodes
4. Belinda Rhodes
5. Steve Bass
6. Sara Day
7. Amy Warren
8. Frank Warren
9. Keith Eisele
10. Darlene Eisele
11. Angela Frazier
12. Heather Johnson
13. James Frazier

14. Sonja Sedberry
15. Mark Sedberry
It has been too long since the extended family got together to have some fun and simply catch up. In years past, our reunion was a couple hour gathering and then everyone would head back home. Though we are focusing on the Calvin & Berta Rhodes part of the family tree; other more extended family members are certainly welcome to join us. Additionally, this is going to be a different type reunion -- a destination gathering.

So please make an effort to join us on Saturday, April 30 to Sunday, May 1 for the reunion. There is certainly the option to come in before for more time to enjoy Callaway and the surrounding area. The schedule is such that there is time to do things on your own or with a group. So mark your calendar now to join the family celebration. We have planned for the festivities to start on Saturday, April 30 and finishing up Sunday, May 1 in the afternoon. We will hold the reunion at Callaway Gardens just north of Columbus, Georgia. Come see some of the family you have not seen in a while.  Feel free to just sit around and talk, you might decide to enjoy the area such as the Butterfly Center, the Gardens at Callaway or be more adventurous with something like zip-lining through the tree tops or horseback riding.

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Reunion Plans, Things to Do, Rooms and Registration.

Callaway Gardens has offered our family reunion a group rate. Use the "Room" tab at top of this page or just click here to view options and pricing. Be sure to ask for the Rhodes Reunion group rate. Callaway is a beautiful facility and there are a number of things there to enjoy. Our overnight guest will receive complementary passes for each day to the Gardens, the Birds of Prey show, the Butterfly Center and there are many nature trails for hiking to enjoy the outdoors. Checkout the "Things to Do" tab at top of page to learn about other things you might be interested in doing in the area. 


    It has been too long since the extended family got together to have some fun and simply catch up. In years past, our...

    Posted by Calvin & Berta Rhodes Family Reunion on Saturday, October 24, 2015


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